Miguel Angel Matildes MD

Miguel Angel Matildes MD

Cantera No. 420, Terrazas De Mendoza Monumental Seccion Playas Cp, Tijuana

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Doctor Matildes is an internist in private practice. He graduated from the National University of Mexico, and at the University of Nuevo León. He is a respected member of the Association of Internists of Baja California (for which he served as president) and of the Mexican Diabetes Association of Baja California. Doctor Matildes also teaches Advanced Trauma Life Support to post-graduate medical personnel.

  • Specialty: Internist Medical Doctor; Univ. Autónoma de Nuevo León

  • Ex-president of the internist medical association of Baja California

  • ATLS instructor

  • Coordinator of state Diabetic association

  • Member of the transplant committee and transfusion medicine committee at ProgenCell- Stem Cell Therapies

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