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plastic surgery in mexico

Top 5 reasons to have plastic surgery in Mexico

Plastic Surgery in Mexico is one of the most popular procedures in medical tourism for Canadians and US citizens.  Plastic surgery or cosmetic surgery, dentistry, orthopedic surgery, ophthalmology and [...]

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dental tourism

Dental Tourism in Mexico, the best way to save money

Dental treatment forms a large portion of revenue generated due to medical tourism all over the world. Travellers seeking dental tourism in Mexico have two reasons in mind: money [...]

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skin care dermatology treatment

Skin care and Medical Tourism, the complete guide

Medical tourism has embraced all kinds of treatments as part of its multi-hundred billion dollar industry. Medical tourism has it all, from the advanced heart and cerebral surgeries to [...]

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4 most common medical travel procedures in Tijuana

In recent years, Tijuana has become a regular tourist spot not only for its famous cuisine and luxury hotels but for the medical facilities the city offers. Such a [...]

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