Médica Sur

Médica Sur

Puente de Piedra 150, Toriello Guerra, Tlalpan, 14050 Ciudad de México, CDMX

High Specialty International Medicine

With more than 35 years of providing medical excellence and warm care, we have the accreditation of the Joint Commission International and multiple awards and recognitions, which make us one of the best hospitals in Latin America.

Because of our scientific rigor and our patient-centered approach, we are part of the Mayo Clinic Care Network.


Médica Sur has as mission the health of its patients, the satisfaction of its employees and offer a just alternative to the country in Medicine. The patient is the most important reason for its creation and this principle will prevail in any relationship or service that is granted to the community.


To be the most prestigious Medical Services Group in Mexico in attention to the community, in the development of teaching and biomedical research in the technological forefront. Be self-sustaining and profitable at capacities achievable by the population.

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