Every year, thousands of Americans travel to Mexico to obtain the benefits of  healthcare assistance.

This isn’t about the facilities there are no more reliable or efficient in America but there are 3 reasons why 70% of Americans prefer getting medical treatments in Mexico and not in America.

3 Reasons why Americans Cross Borders to Seek Healthcare Services in Mexico
  • Medical Facilities in Mexico are More Affordable
    Towns followed by Mexican borders are the favorite among Americans for many years. Especially for those seeking drugs’ prescriptions, and a wide range of affordable health and medical assistance from minor tests to severe surgical treatments. 80,000 to 1M of tourists, especially from America, visit Mexico each year.

    You probably know that in America it is too expensive to get health treatment than anywhere in the world like, here Bariatric treatment is being done for $25,000 while the same treatment with same instruments and efficacy is being done in Mexico with the big margin for just $6000 including travel charges as well, this makes the place enticing to avail the best for extremely low rates.

  • Universal Health Coverage
    Universal Health Coverage is a program defined by WHO, the program is stated as the overall coverage including high-quality laboratory testing, observation, rehabilitation, preventive and curative assistance will be provided around the country for natives and tourists without making anyone suffering from financial crisis – the purpose is to make healthcare service approachable and affordable for everyone.

    This doesn’t mean that medical treatments are free there but reduced to quite reasonable rates. Some cities in Mexico follow the programs and provide health insurance to those who seek it while insurance in America is also too expensive.

  • Patients Spend quality time wondering out of Hospitals
    This is another acceptable reason why Americans move to Mexico to avail of the medical facilities.

    Historically, Mexico is known for its beautiful beaches, shallow water, tall buildings, adorable architecture, and restaurants spread all across the country, as being highly affordable for the visitors, they don’t miss a single chance, on their medical tour, and they spend little more time exploring the country.

    That’s a good excuse to spend some hours under the sun getting tanned than to carry the expenses in America that forces many low-income people to bankruptcy, or leave them dead if they couldn’t carry. However, health insurance in America is more expensive than to avail full health package with a tour of the respected city in Mexico.

    With the passage of time, Health facilities in Mexico continue to get more advanced, affordable, and unignorable this is why Americans don’t think twice when it comes to travel to Mexico.

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