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Traveling to Mexico is becoming more popular among American and Canadian medical tourists. The most popular reason is travel convenience, minimalist distances, and frequent flights to major cities. In recent years the country has grown to be one of the most mattering healthcare tourism destinations, offering various top certified medical treatments.

  1. Proximity to major medical tourism countries.
    Mexico is located in real proximity to countries like the US and Canada. These neighboring countries are important markets for the medical tourism industry; traveling to Mexico requires a 2-6 hours relatively affordable plane ride.

    A majority of US citizens consider our country to be their preferred medical tourism destination because of direct flights from most of the cities in the US to Mexico.

  2. Internationally accredited hospitals and medical facilities
    Hospitals in Mexico are equipped with up-to-date technology required for sophisticated procedures. Also, medical facilities here provide high-quality services in oncology, dentistry, and cosmetic procedures.

    The quality of medical facilities in Mexico is on par with the US; everything from medical checkups, specialized surgery, and post-operative recovery is made available to the patients in safe and comfortable environments.

  3. Highly experienced doctors and medical staff
    The doctors and surgeons are highly experienced and well equipped with the skills needed for performing a variety of procedures. Medical staff in Mexico is backed by years of experience in serving the same procedures.

    Most medical staff and doctors receive their training in the US or the UK. They are hence known to provide better experiential care than the surgeons in the US.

  4. No waiting time for medical tourists patients
    Is not a problem in Mexico as long lines in healthcare facilities. Patients from the US, who are made to wait longer due to the saturated public health sector, find Mexico a safe place for timely medical care.

    The staff here is highly trained to be extremely friendly, personable, and attentive. This is one of the primary reasons why patients from neighboring countries choose medical treatment here.

  5. Cost-effective treatments
    Patients can also enjoy cost benefits, as most medical procedures are available in Mexico’s hospitals at low prices. For example, lap band surgery, which can cost anywhere between $14,000 – $17,000 in the US, has a cost of around $7,000 in Mexico. Most Mexico treatments cost about 50%-75% lower than the average prices for the same in the US.

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