In recent years, Tijuana has become a regular tourist spot not only for its famous cuisine and luxury hotels but for the medical facilities the city offers. Such a fast growth of the healthcare and medical tourism industry is largely due to the extremely easy to afford medical treatments and procedures, that match the United States and other countries’ healthcare systems.

In this way, as they are more popularly called, patients or medical tourists can acquire the latest and highest quality of cutting-edge medical treatments from the top most experienced, qualified, and accredited surgeons, doctors, and other health care professionals at affordable prices. 

The following are some of the most popular medical procedures and treatments for which people from all over the world travel to Tijuana, Baja California for:

Weight Loss Surgery 

The ever-growing problem of obesity is and has always been a dominant concern for healthcare professionals and experts. Mexico approved the ‘lap band’ surgery many years before anyone else, which is why the country is primarily known to house experienced specialists for it.

Dental Services 

Dental care services and procedures in the United States are widely available, except that it is difficult to afford them without adequate dental insurance. Tijuana has one of the best dental care practices, which is why people travel to the city for a job as simple as teeth restoration.

Orthopedic surgery

Some of the world’s best orthopedic surgeons can be found in Tijuana, so if you are looking to undergo hip replacement surgery, here is where you should go. The number one deciding factor of people who wish to avail of such a procedure is the surgery cost and the final result, making it worth taking the trip for.

Cancer Clinical Procedure 

Many patients travel to Tijuana only for quality cancer treatments and procedures involving holistic and traditional cancer treatments. Such treatments and procedures have minimal or no side effects that are more common in other various cancer treatments.

Finally, Tijuana is also a vacationer’s dream, and many medical tourists also use their visit to experience an unforgettable holiday. Some of the most popular reasons for vacationing in Tijuana include the stunning beaches such as world-famous Rosarito Beach and Playas de Tijuana, local arts and culture, great restaurants, vibrant nightlife, and more.

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